What to Expect During Your Blepharoplasty Recovery By Nimit D on December 30, 2021

Woman showing the results of her blepharoplastyConsidering blepharoplasty to lift sagging eyelids and reduce the signs of aging? If so, you may be concerned about blepharoplasty recovery. At his Ottawa, ON, practice, Dr. Peter Brownrigg uses highly precise surgical methods to achieve the best possible results with minimal discomfort and downtime. When you undergo eyelid surgery at our practice, you should be back to your normal activities with little downtime, enjoying a dramatically rejuvenated appearance. 

At the same time, following certain guidelines can help to reduce the side effects of blepharoplasty and speed healing. When planning your procedure, Dr. Brownrigg or a member of his team will give personalized tips and guidelines for your recovery.

Blepharoplasty Recovery Timeline 

Typically, recovery from blepharoplasty takes 10 to 14 days. Many people choose to take off work (or work from home) during this time because they have visible swelling around their eyes. Some bruising may remain after two weeks, but it is typically mild enough that patients feel comfortable returning to their normal routine. 

Common Side Effects and Symptoms

During all of his facial surgeries at our Ottawa practice, Dr. Brownrigg uses conservative methods. Nonetheless, blepharoplasty is still surgery, so you should expect some side effects. Common symptoms include: 

  • Sensitivity and soreness (this should begin to fade by the end of the first week)
  • Watery eyes
  • Dry eyes
  • A scratchy or sticky feeling in your eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Blurred vision (this should only last for the first few days after surgery)
  • Swelling and bruising

Caring for Your Eyes During Recovery 

There are steps you can take to minimize discomfort and side effects following blepharoplasty. 

  • Keep your eyelids clean. Dr. Brownrigg may suggest sanitizing the area with a saline solution, hydrogen peroxide, or a prescription ointment. Be sure to follow his directions carefully. 
  • Use cold compresses to reduce swelling and inflammation. 
  • Get plenty of rest and sleep with your head elevated.
  • Do not wear eye makeup for two weeks following surgery. Keep any foundation or other makeup away from your eyes, as well.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes.
  • Do not do any strenuous exercise for at least two weeks. 
  • Although you can shower the day after surgery, be careful to keep all shampoo and conditioner away from your eyes for at least two weeks after your procedure. 
  • Avoid swimming and hot tubs for at least 14 days. 
  • Do not wear contacts for two weeks after blepharoplasty.

Eyelid Surgery Results

You will start to notice the results of your eyelid surgery in about two weeks once the swelling has begun to go down. Typically, however, your eyes will continue to change and improve for several weeks or even a few months. As the swelling completely subsides, you should enjoy an even more youthful and refreshed appearance.

To protect the results of your blepharoplasty, it is important to use both sunscreen and sunglasses whenever you are outside. 

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