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A crooked, asymmetrical, or disproportionately sized nose can disrupt the balance of your features and detract from your appearance.

Dr. Peter Brownrigg can correct cosmetic and functional issues with your nose and improve your facial harmony with rhinoplasty surgery.

Find out what makes rhinoplasty such a sought-after procedure at our Ottawa, ON, surgical center…

Enhance the Way You Look and Feel The Life-Changing Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Dramatic Effects

Your nose is the most central feature of your face and can create the appearance of symmetry and balance when shaped properly. Even a slight alteration to your nose can have a dramatic impact, putting the focus where it should be: on your eyes, lips, skin, and other stunning features.

High Success Rates

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, rhinoplasty (more popularly known as a "nose job") was the most popular cosmetic surgery performed in 2020. The procedure has a very low risk of serious complications, and hundreds of thousands of patients safely and successfully undergo the procedure each year.

Improved Breathing

While primarily chosen for cosmetic purposes, rhinoplasty can also treat health concerns. Dr. Brownrigg performs functional rhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum, repair a broken nose, or widen the nasal passages, improving your ability to breathe.

Hundreds of Thousands Undergo Rhinoplasty Every Year

A Closer Look at Rhinoplasty

Dr. Peter Brownrigg, who serves the Ottawa area, describes what a nose job (rhinoplasty) is and the functional or aesthetic concerns the procedure can address.

Unhappy With Your Nose? Request a Rhinoplasty Consultation

If you’re unhappy with your nose, you are not alone. While cosmetic surgery may not be widely discussed, it is widely performed. Dr. Brownrigg has helped many patients look and feel like the best version of themselves with rhinoplasty. If you are interested in learning more about nose surgery and the results we can create for you, contact our office in Ottawa, Ontario. You can request a consultation online or by calling:

(613) 724-1214

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Sheila Mackintosh


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I’ve been a customer with Dr Brownrigg since 1997. I really say that all the different procedure I had done by him where a success and the outcome to my total satisfaction. From blepharoplasty, otoplasty, rhinoplasty, Botox, mole removal, Juvederm or Collagaen injections, he always respected my opinion, requests without trying to sell me more. I’ve been at other places and will NEVER go back ! Dr Brownrigg has my face in his hands!

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AlwaysFlawless Makeup


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I’ve been seeing Dr.Brownrigg and Julia RN for over a year for Botox. I am consistently impressed with their skill and ability to deliver 10/10 results. I 100% recommend this clinic for Botox!!

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How Does Rhinoplasty Work?

​During your procedure, Dr. Brownrigg will modify the underlying bone and cartilage to improve the aesthetics and function of the nose, adjusting the size and angles of the nostrils, bridge, and nasal tip.

A Natural-Looking Transformation From Our Plastic Surgeon

before rhinoplasty
Before Rhinoplasty
after rhinoplasty
After Rhinoplasty
This patient wanted to reshape their nose and cartilage, as well as restore function. During surgery, Dr. Brownrigg smoothed the bump on the bridge of the nose for a more delicate silhouette.

We Use Advanced Imaging & Surgical Planning To Ensure Patient Satisfaction

Dr. Brownrigg is one of the only plastic surgeons in Ottawa to offer advanced 3D VECTRA® imaging—a camera system that allows him to produce realistic 3D previews of your treatment. Our VECTRA imaging technology can accurately demonstrate what your rhinoplasty results will look like, so you can feel confident going into surgery.
If you're scared your results will look unnatural or unsuited to your features, 3D facial imaging can create peace of mind before you commit to plastic surgery. 

Surgical Techniques

There are two main types of rhinoplasty: open and closed. During your consultation at our Ottawa, Ontario, practice, Dr. Brownrigg will decide which technique is best for your individual needs.
Diagram of closed rhinoplasty

Closed Rhinoplasty

During a closed rhinoplasty, Dr. Brownrigg makes two discreet incisions inside each nostril. In general, the closed technique is less invasive and has a shorter recovery time. Because there are no external incisions, there is little risk of visible scarring. However, a small incision reduces our surgeon’s visibility, limiting the extent of possible adjustments.

Diagram of open rhinoplasty

Open Rhinoplasty

An open rhinoplasty involves an additional incision across the columella (the wall of soft tissue that separates the nostrils). While this technique is more invasive, it provides Dr. Brownrigg with greater access to the underlying bone and cartilage structure.  We often use open rhinoplasty in more complex cases to ensure precision and visibility.

Functional Rhinoplasty

Dr. Brownrigg offers what is known as "functional rhinoplasty," a surgery designed to correct nasal obstructions and reduce breathing problems.

Functional rhinoplasty is performed for a few reasons, one of the most common being the treatment of a deviated septum. This condition occurs when the cartilage separating the nasal passages is crooked, narrowing and sometimes even blocking off your airways. We also use surgery to widen narrow nasal passages and restore the nose after an injury.

While functional rhinoplasty primarily treats health concerns like impaired breathing, sleep apnea, and poor sense of smell, Dr. Brownrigg will also address aesthetic improvements. For example, treatment of a deviated septum may also give you a straighter, more symmetrical-looking nose.

Woman sleeping soundly

What to Expect During the Procedure

We perform rhinoplasty as an outpatient procedure at our surgical center in Ottawa, Ontario. While we customize various aspects of your treatment, you can typically expect to undergo the following steps:


First, you will need to visit our Ottawa practice for a consultation. Dr. Brownrigg will listen to your concerns and answer your questions. He will also determine if your nose and cartilage are able to be safely refined.


Before your surgery, you will be placed under anesthesia to ensure you remain comfortable and relaxed. Once you are sedated, we will begin the procedure.


Dr. Brownrigg creates incisions inside the nostrils or across the columella based on the technique we have selected during your consultation.


Next, we augment or reduce the bone and cartilage in targeted areas to change the shape of the nose structure. Once the modifications are successfully made, Dr. Brownrigg will close the incisions.


Finally, we place a splint over the nose to protect the nasal bone and cartilage as you begin the recovery process. 

Rhinoplasty Recovery and Results

While recovery is slightly different for each individual, most patients heal from rhinoplasty relatively quickly. It is common to return to school or work about a week after surgery and resume most normal activities in two to three weeks.

It may be difficult to breathe normally for a few days after the procedure, especially while wearing the bandages and splint. You can expect some swelling and bruising around the nose, which typically subsides in a week or two. However, it is possible for residual swelling to linger for several months. Once your nose completely heals, the results will be permanent.

Male Patients Can Also Benefit From Rhinoplasty

Before Rhinoplasty
Before Rhinoplasty
After Rhinoplasty
After Rhinoplasty
His goals were to improve his quality of breathing and to reshape his nose after an injury. Dr. Brownrigg was able to achieve both refinements using advanced techniques. If you would like to learn more about your plastic surgery options, visit our Ottawa practice.

Choose a Plastic Surgeon Who Mentors Medical Students

Dr. Brownrigg is proud to train the next generation of plastic surgeons. In addition to having his own plastic surgery practice, he also works as an Associate Professor of Otolaryngology at the University of Ottawa.

This experience helps him to provide outstanding patient education. Starting with a consultation, he can explain your rhinoplasty eligibility in detail. He will also patiently answer all of your questions so you can make an informed choice about your care.

Patients have trusted Dr. Brownrigg for cosmetic refinement since 1984. If you’d like to meet him for your consultation, contact our Ottawa office or call

(613) 724-1214

Dr. Brownrigg
Dr. Brownrigg can subtly reshape your nose and cartilage. His techniques can improve your confidence, appearance, and ability to breathe.

Wondering If Plastic Surgery Is Right for You?

Ottawa Plastic Surgery Patients Trust Dr. Brownrigg

"Dr. Brownrigg is absolutely amazing. I had a deviated septum and nasal valve collapse…He came to talk to me before and after the surgery and made sure I was comfortable and calm. The surgery was a success! I can now breath much clearer than before and my nose looks beautiful! ❤️" Tina Margaret

Are there non-surgical alternatives to rhinoplasty?

Fillers Can Improve Minor Concerns But Surgery Is a Better Option for Most

You may have heard of a “non-surgical nose job” procedure that attempts to change the shape of the nose with fillers and other injectables. While dermal fillers can add volume to areas of your nose that lack structure, they can’t address any other concerns. If you want to fix breathing problems or reduce the size or shape of your nose, plastic surgery is the only effective solution. Furthermore, fillers and injectables will need regular touch-ups to maintain their effects, while the results of nose surgery are permanent.

If you would like to learn more about fillers and other minimally invasive options, please schedule a consultation with our surgeon.

Paying For Rhinoplasty 

Our Ottawa practice happily accepts financing through third-party lenders to help make your treatment more affordable. These groups offer flexible, low-interest payment plans that can help patients achieve the look they want without exceeding their budget.

While cosmetic surgery is not typically covered by insurance, functional rhinoplasty to improve your breathing may be partially covered. However, it is important to look into the specifics of your plan to find out if you qualify.

"Great service and results." Glowing Reviews From Our Rhinoplasty Patients 


Carol Bockstael


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I was a patient of Dr. Brownrigg’s several years ago when I broke my nose. His professional care, and bedside manner are without fault.

I would highly recommend him and his staff to anyone seeking cosmetic surgery.

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douglas duncan


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Dr Brownrigg repaired my nose twice. I had broken it in 2 separate incidents. I was worried that my breathing would be impaired forever . After each break Dr Brownrigg restored my appearance and breathing . Aesthetically my nose was perfect after each procedure. Thank you Dr Brownrigg for the great service and results .

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Dr. Brownrigg

Dr. Peter Brownrigg

Dr. Brownrigg has focused on facial plastic surgery since 1984. He is affiliated with a range of prestigious organizations, including:

  • American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Canadian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
  • Board Certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Has acted as the Canadian Region Vice President of the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Has acted as the treasurer and president of the Canadian Society of Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery
  • American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
  • Canadian Society of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
  • Ontario Medical Association

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