Treatment for Smoker’s Lines By Nimit D on October 29, 2013

Treatment for Smoker's LinesThere are so many things that can affect your overall appearance. There's sun damage and poor health and advanced age and so on. Sometimes you can overcome these problems on your own, but it often takes the guidance and experience of a skilled plastic surgeon to be able to look your absolute best.

Right now, we'd like to look at one aesthetic problem that can be especially troubling called smoker's lines. Thankfully there is a lot that can be done to address these issues, and they actually don't involve surgery.

What are smoker's lines?

Also known as lip lines, smoker's lines are those little vertical wrinkles that form around the lip area over time. These lip lines are especially problematic for women. When they apply lipstick, the lipstick can sometimes creep up the vertical wrinkles and look very off-putting.

Causes of Smoker's Lines

Even though they are called smoker's lines by many people, smoking is not the sole cause of these kinds of wrinkles. In fact, smoker's lines can be caused simply by advanced age and long-term sun damage.

Treating smoker's lines thankfully doesn't involve major surgery or seriously invasive therapies. Cosmetic injections may be exactly what you need to look your very best. Let's look at dermal fillers and BOTOX injections right now.

Dermal Filler Injections for Smoker's Lines

Dermal fillers such as collagen and Restylane are specially crafted substances that help increase the volume of the injection area. This means it can fill pits, deep lines, pockmarks, and so on. Through the careful use of dermal fillers around the upper lip, these smoker's lines will fade from view.

BOTOX Injections for Smoker's Lines

Another important injectable option for dealing with smoker's lines is BOTOX injections. BOTOX cosmetic is a substance that reduces the muscle activity in the injection area in order to make wrinkles in that area less prominent. By doing this on the upper lip, the smoker's lines become less noticeable.

Combining Dermal Fillers and BOTOX Injections

It's not unheard of for patients to receive both BOTOX injection treatments and dermal filler injection treatment in order to treat wrinkle lines. The BOTOX will help prevent the muscles from forming the lines, and the fillers will help make the lines vanish.

The results of both kinds of injections (whether performed together or separately) will last for a few months. Repeated treatments can be easily performed as needed.

Tips for Prevention of Smoker's Lines

One of the best ways of dealing with smoker's lines is planning ahead and trying to protect yourself from developing them. This includes:

  • Do not smoke
  • Quit smoking if you do smoke
  • Use a good sunblock
  • Stay out of the sun to avoid UV damage
  • Find a good moisturizing lotion
  • Stay well hydrated

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