The Coronal Brow Lift Technique By Nimit D on January 12, 2015

A woman smiling, pleased with the results of her brow lift surgeryIf you are concerned with the signs of aging that are beginning to appear in the top third of your face, then brow lift surgery may prove to be an ideal solution for you. Brow lift surgery, also known as forehead lift surgery, can dramatically rejuvenate the entire face without requiring a plastic surgery procedure as extensive in scope as a full facelift. By elevating drooping brows, smoothing forehead creases and lines, and eliminating hoods over the eyes, Dr. Peter Brownrigg is able to make patients look years younger.

At Dr. Brownrigg’s state-of-the-art plastic surgery centre in Ottawa, the coronal brow lift technique has largely been retired in favor of the more contemporary and effective endoscopic brow lift technique. Dr. Brownrigg feels that the endoscopic technique yields outstanding results through the smallest, most discreet incisions possible, which means that the patient will experience quicker healing and smaller, less visible scars. Nevertheless, he wants patients to understand their options, which is why he is happy to explain the coronal brow lift technique to patients.

What is the coronal brow lift technique?

The coronal brow lift technique is the traditional technique used for performing brow lift surgery, predating minimally invasive techniques. While it is the older of the two primary brow lift techniques, it is worth noting that it is not considered outdated by many plastic surgeons; some reputable surgeons continue to use the technique, particularly in cases in which dramatic revisions to the forehead are indicated.

This technique involves one large incision that extends from ear to ear across the top of the head, usually just behind the hairline. The forehead skin and eyebrows are then lifted, and the underlying muscles are repositioned or, if necessary, removed. The skin is then pulled taut, and excess skin and tissues are removed. The incision is sutured closed, and the procedure is complete.

While there is a good chance that the lengthy incision scar will be hidden by hair after a coronal brow lift, if a patient experiences thinning hair, the scar could be uncovered. The excess skin removed from the scalp during the procedure could also result in the loss of hair-bearing scalp, which could result in an undesirable hair pattern. Finally, it is possible that the elevated hairline, an inevitable consequence of the procedure, could be aesthetically displeasing.

Ultimately, most of these issues are circumvented altogether with the endoscopic brow lift technique, especially when it is employed by a highly trained and experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Peter Brownrigg. Dr. Brownrigg understands the anatomy of the face on an intimate level and is able to manipulate the underlying tissues in such a way that he can achieve remarkable results through minimal incisions. He also uses the latest, most advanced technology to ensure optimal precision and safety at every stage of every surgery he performs.

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