Sun Exposure after Facial Plastic Surgery By Nimit D on December 13, 2016

A woman basking in the sunlight, her facial plastic surgery results protected by sunscreen applied to her skinFacial plastic surgery is, above all else, an investment in yourself. When you undergo a facial plastic surgery procedure, you are investing both your time and your money in the rejuvenation of your facial skin, which is as close to turning back time as medical science has come. While there is no way to stop aging, let alone time, facial plastic surgery at least gives you the opportunity to reverse the clock by approximately five years on your appearance, while undoing much of the damage that has been done to your skin.

As with any investment, you will get out of your facial plastic surgery exactly what you are willing to put into it. For many people, facial plastic surgery represents a second chance. In evaluating the skin of patients who are interested in undergoing facial rejuvenation, Dr. Peter Brownrigg takes into account lifestyle factors that led to their facial aging in the first place. One of the most common of these factors is overexposure to the sun, especially without proper protection. He then discusses the issue of sun exposure after facial plastic surgery during consultations at his Ottawa, ON plastic surgery practice. He makes clear that returning to the habits that caused damage to the facial skin prior to surgery will just as quickly jeopardize the results of that surgery.

That is the surest way to minimize an investment.

Protecting and Preserving Your Results

During your initial recovery from facial plastic surgery, exposure to the sun will be expressly off limits as your healing tissues will be extremely vulnerable to damage. The incision areas will be particularly sensitive to sunlight. The sunlight can cause incision scars to become permanently discolored, leading discreet, minimally visible scars to become conspicuous scars.

Even if you wear thick-brimmed sunhats or use an umbrella to shield you from the sun when you go out, do not assume you are immune to the effects of the sun’s damaging rays. Likewise, if you are standing near a window that allows natural light to enter into a room, you are exposed to the sun. It is not advisable to put sunblock on your scars until your incisions have fully healed; doing so could increase the risk of infection. Until that point, then, it is best to avoid sunlight as much as possible, even if you believe yourself to be otherwise protected.

After you have healed, wear sunblock whenever you go out in the daylight. Remember that unprotected exposure to the sun will compromise your results, causing the wrinkles and blemishes you invested time and money to eliminate to reappear on your skin. Choose makeups and moisturizers that include SPF protection, and remember that tanning is the enemy of youthful, healthy skin.

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