Side Effects of Facial Plastic Surgery: Bruising By Nimit D on April 15, 2017

A woman smiling broadly because she has taken years off her appearance through facial plastic surgeryDr. Peter Brownrigg is one of the rare plastic surgeons who focuses his practice entirely on the art and science of facial plastic surgery. He offers a comprehensive range of facial plastic surgery procedures, each of which he is able to customize to the unique needs and aesthetic goals of the individual patient. This allows him to produce results of the highest standard for his valued patients, refining their natural beauty and highlighting the grace and elegance of their facial contours as very few surgeons can.

While Dr. Brownrigg is renowned for his gentle touch and mastery of minimally invasive techniques, procedures such as facelift, rhinoplasty, brow lift, and eyelid surgery remain serious forms of surgery. As such, they require significant periods of recovery during which patients will inevitably experience some side effects, including bruising. For patients of some plastic surgeons, the appearance of bruising on their faces during recovery can be unsettling or even shocking. On the other hand, Dr. Brownrigg discusses facial plastic surgery and bruising in detail during consultations at his Ottawa, ON practice so that patients know precisely what to expect after their procedures.

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The Relationship between Bruising and Facial Plastic Surgery

First, it should be noted that bruising is common after any type of surgery, and facial plastic surgery is no exception. As you might imagine, more extensive bruising is more likely with more extensive procedures; therefore, there is a greater risk of extensive bruising with full facelift surgery than there is with a mini facelift.

However, an even more influential factor on the extent of bruising is the patient, himself or herself. Some patients are simply more prone to bruising than others. One patient may undergo lower eyelid surgery and experience little or no bruising, while another may undergo the exact same procedure using the exact same technique and experience significant bruising. There is really no way of telling in advance how facial plastic surgery will affect a given patient during the recovery phase, especially if he or she has never undergone surgery.

In general, however, bruising after facial plastic surgery:

  • Usually lasts no more than two to three weeks, with most bruising subsiding after the first one to two weeks
  • Can usually be concealed by make-up after the first week
  • Tends to “drift” downward during the recovery period, moving lower on the face or even onto the neck or chest
  • Can be minimized by following Dr. Brownrigg’s post-surgical instructions, including keeping the head raised at all times and engaging in as much light walking during the recovery phase as possible, to the absolute letter
  • Is not cause for concern unless it is accompanied by significant swelling that does not subside within a week of surgery

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