Rejuvenate Your Brow: Treatments for Frown Lines By Nimit D on July 14, 2014

Middle-aged bearded man with a perfectly smooth brow, free from frown linesFrown lines are the enemies of youthful, vibrant facial skin. As lines and furrows develop in the brows over time, people begin to look older than they actually are. Some even start to look perpetually angry or tired. Fortunately, plastic surgery offers a variety of solutions to frown lines, including advanced brow lift surgery.

At the plastic surgery practice of Dr. Peter Brownrigg in Ottawa, frown lines treatments are available to help our patients restore or maintain their youthful appearance and keep their faces looking attractive and healthy. Whether you opt for non-surgical treatment or advanced plastic surgery, you can expect nothing less than the best possible results when you entrust your delicate facial skin to Dr. Brownrigg and his skilled team.

Non-surgical Frown Line Treatment: BOTOX® Cosmetic

If you would like to reduce the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines without having to undergo a more invasive surgical procedure, then BOTOX® Cosmetic injections may be the ideal solution for you. BOTOX® injections temporarily prevent the muscles responsible for lines in the brow from contracting. By relaxing these muscles, frown lines become dramatically less pronounced for a period of four to six months, at which point the injections can be repeated. BOTOX® Cosmetic is safe and highly effective. When administered by a highly trained, skilled, and experienced professional such as Dr. Brownrigg, the injections very precisely target only those muscles responsible for frown lines, leaving surrounding tissues unaffected. Therefore, the tasteless jokes about BOTOX® injections in the media notwithstanding, normal facial expressions and other functions are not interrupted by treatment in any way.

Surgical Frown Line Treatment: Brow Lift

For patients who are looking for a more permanent solution to their frown lines, brow lift may be the best available solution. Brow lift addresses the upper third of the face, including the brows and the space between the eyebrows. Dr. Brownrigg uses the latest technology and techniques to produce the best possible results using the smallest, most discreet incisions.

Through incisions made in the upper brow, behind the hairline, Dr. Brownrigg removes excess fat and other tissues and sculpts and tightens the underlying musculature. He then pulls the skill taut, removing any excess and smoothing out any lines. The result is a smoother brow, free from frown lines and other visible signs of aging. After a suitable healing period, patients emerge from the procedure looking as much as ten years younger, results that can last for years with a healthy lifestyle.

Candidates for Frown Line Treatment

Most patients are good candidates for frown line treatment as long as they:

  • Are in generally good health, especially if they choose to undergo brow lift surgery
  • Have realistic expectations in terms of their results
  • Are willing to follow post-operative instructions to the letter
  • Can commit themselves to leading healthy lifestyles in order to maintain their results

Learn More about Treatments for Frown Lines

To learn more about treatments for frown lines, or to schedule your initial consultation at our plastic surgery center, please contact the practice of Dr. Peter Brownrigg today.

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