Refresh your Appearance by Treating Marionette Lines By Nimit D on September 11, 2014

Middle-aged female with smooth, youthful skinAging is a natural and unavoidable part of life. And while aging comes with some great benefits, such as experience and wisdom, it also comes with some not-so-great side effects, such as a tired or worn out physical appearance. The face, especially, is likely to lose some of its vitality as a person ages. Lines, creases, and deep furrows are not uncommon and can make a patient appear aged beyond their years. Marionette lines, the deep lines that extend between the corner of the mouth and chin, are a common complaint heard by plastic surgeon Peter Brownrigg. Restylane can fill in deep lines and sculpt the cheeks, while a facelift can lift and smooth the skin of the lower face. For our Ottawa patients, these are two marionette line treatments that are available. Determining the best treatment for each patient will depend largely on the extent of the marionette lines and the personal goals/preferences of each patient.

What Causes Marionette Lines?

Marionette lines are the deep, vertical lines that extend downward (toward the chin) from either corner of a patient’s mouth. These exaggerated lines are similar to those on old-fashioned puppets, thus the name, marionette lines. In general, marionette lines are caused by a natural loss of collagen and elasticity. Collagen and elasticity are both needed to create firm, vibrant skin. Without them, facial features will begin to sag and creases will develop as fullness is lost. In addition to these common effects of aging, marionette lines can also be caused by an over-exposure to UV rays (which can cause premature aging of the skin) and smoking (which shrinks the nutrient-carrying blood vessels of the face). Genetics also play a large role in determining whether a patient will develop these deep creases on the face.

Treatments for Marionette Lines

While caring for the skin may delay the development of marionette lines, these wrinkles cannot really be avoided. However, there are treatments available to fill and lift the skin in order to eliminate signs of marionette lines. Effective treatments for marionette lines include both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatment.

  • Surgical treatment: A facelift is a surgical treatment option for patients with marionette lines. A facelift lifts, smooths, and tightens the skin of the lower face and neck. A facelift is the best option for patients who are looking to not only eliminate marionette lines, but also to lift and revitalize the entire lower face.
  • Non-surgical treatment: In most cases, non-surgical treatments can effectively treat marionette lines. Using dermal fillers, such as Restylane, Dr. Brownrigg can fill in deep creases such as marionette lines and add volume to the cheeks. This eliminates signs of aging and refreshes the facial features by restoring lost volume. For patients who prefer a less-invasive treatment, dermal fillers are an excellent option.

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