Potential Side Effects of Eyelid Surgery By Nimit D on November 11, 2014

Female with youthful, smooth skin around the eyesAging of the facial features is a major concern for many of Dr. Peter Brownrigg’s patients. The eyes are often a particular area of concern because they are such a standout feature and can drastically affect the way one looks, as well as the impression they give to others. Creases, wrinkles, and loose skin around the eyes can make a person look constantly tired, angry, or worn down. In extreme cases, an excess of eyelid skin can even interfere with vision. One of the most effective treatments for all of these conditions is eyelid surgery, which eliminates excess skin and tissue to smooth the upper and lower eyelid, erasing bags, fine lines, and wrinkles. Following eyelid surgery, there will be a brief period of recovery, during which time our Ottawa patients should be prepared for eyelid surgery side effects.

Common Side Effects

When it comes to plastic surgery, eyelid surgery has one of the shortest recovery periods, with most patients healed and ready to return to their regular routines within seven to ten days. Although the recovery period is brief, it should not be taken lightly. Eyelid surgery will result in side effects and patients should be prepared to care for the body and these side effects in order to ensure a smooth, and healthy recovery from surgery. Below are some common side effects that are likely to be experienced following eyelid surgery:

  • Swelling: Swelling is the most likely side effect of eyelid surgery. This swelling may also lead to additional side effects such as a difficultly closing the eyelids completely. Swelling will gradually subside and should be mostly unnoticeable within a week following surgery. Cold compresses can be placed over the eyes to help alleviate swelling and relieve some of the discomfort associated with swelling. It is also important for patients to stay well-hydrated during their recovery period, as this will help reduce swelling as well.
  • Bruising: Along with swelling, some patients will notice bruising around the eyes and upper face. These bruises should fade rather quickly and are likely to be either unnoticeable or easily concealed with make-up by the end of the first week of recovery.
  • Vision problems: Some patients report that they have problems with vision during the first few days of recovery from eyelid surgery. This may include symptoms such as blurry vision or double vision. This side effect of eyelid surgery is usually very short lived and should resolve quickly.
  • Excessive tearing or dry eyes: The eyes themselves are likely to react to the irritation of eyelid surgery. However, each patient’s experience is unique. Some patients experience excessive tearing while they are recovering from eyelid surgery while others report dry, itchy eyes. In either case, these symptoms should be temporary and patients will likely be free of these conditions within a week after surgery.

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Eyelid surgery is an effective cosmetic procedure that results in a quick recovery and minimal side effects. If you have loose, sagging skin around the upper and/or lower eyelids and would like to learn if this procedure is right for you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Peter Brownrigg at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you!

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