Plastic Surgery Improves Sagging Jowls for a Youthful Appearance By Nimit D on March 14, 2014

Ottawa Plastic Surgery for Sagging JowlsIf you have noticed that your cheeks hang a bit more than they used to, the bottom of which droop away from your face and jawline, you may feel embarrassed by your appearance. Unfortunately, no cosmetic cream or facial exercise can improve sagging jowls. However, plastic surgery can provide you with the improvement you desire. At Dr. Brownrigg’s Ottawa plastic surgery centre, we offer a variety of treatment options to improve your sagging jowls, while returning you to a firmer, more youthful appearance, so you feel like your beautiful self again.

Surgical Treatment for Sagging Jowls

Over time your face and neck lose elasticity. This may cause your cheeks to appear flatter, while the lowermost fleshy tissue hangs loosely, creating “jowls.” Because you cannot repair the elasticity on your own, plastic surgery offers you the surgical correction you desire. Look over the following surgical treatment option for jowls:

  • Facelift: A facelift begins with an incision, typically placed behind your ear, or within the ear canal, for reduced visibility. Dr. Brownrigg will reduce your jowls, and reposition the underlying muscular framework of your face. He will also tighten the overlying fat layer and skin layer. The completed result is a tauter yet natural appearance, with the removal of jowls and more supple cheeks. Some procedures may target your entire face, though you may opt for a lift that targets the lower portion of your face only. You may also discuss a combined lower facelift and necklift, if your jowls and loosening skin around your neck are your main area of concern.

Non-Surgical Treatment for Sagging Jowls

Collagen - the material that gives your skin a supple appearance - breaks down over time, which partially contributes to the sagging appearance of your cheeks. In some cases, your surgeon may be able to address your jowls with a non-invasive treatment. At our plastic surgery centre, Dr. Brownrigg offers a facial tightening system called Thermage®. This treatment addresses smile lines, jowls, and sagging under your chin, and requires no anesthetic or recovery period. Your plastic surgeon will use this radiofrequency treatment that takes approximately 45 minutes. It will cause your body to produce collagen, which will add a plump, supple appearance to your skin, while creating a tightened effect.

Do I Make a Good Candidate for Sagging Jowl Treatment?

Do you feel dissatisfied with your sagging jowls? Would you like to achieve a lifted, more youthful appearance? You may make a wonderful candidate for either surgical or non-surgical treatment. Your plastic surgeon will provide you with a thorough exam, and will discuss your goals with you, to determine which treatment is most appropriate in your case.

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