Otoplasty for Large Earring Holes By Nimit D on July 15, 2013

Ottawa Ear Repair Surgery Ottawa plastic surgeon Peter Brownrigg dedicates his cosmetic practice to facial plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. However, this does not mean that he limits his practice to the popular procedures such as facelift surgery, rhinoplasty, and eyelid surgery. Dr. Brownrigg offers a number of cosmetic procedures that directly improve the balance, symmetry, and overall appearance of the face, because he recognizes that other facial features, such as the ears, contribute to a person’s facial appearance. Even a cosmetic flaw such as large earring holes can have a great impact on a person’s appearance and confidence. Fortunately, this is a condition that can be easily fixed by Dr. Brownrigg. Ear repair surgery can be performed to close large earring holes and restore a natural and attractive appearance to the ear lobes.

Ear repair surgery may be a good option for a number of patients. Years of wearing heavy, dangling earrings can leave the earring holes stretched or even torn. This can make the earlobes look unnatural and unattractive. An even greater problem comes when patients have purposefully stretched the earlobes in order to wear large, disc earrings. If a patient later outgrows this trend, he or she is left with extremely large earring holes and earlobes that are stretched so far that they hang loosely down the sides of the patient’s face. This not only negatively impacts a person’s self esteem, but may also make social and professional situations uncomfortable. Many patients fear that extremely stretched ear lobes will create a negative first impression and may even make it difficult to find a good job.

When patients come to Dr. Brownrigg with concerns regarding large earring holes, they are happy to learn that the problem can be remedied with a fairly simple ear repair surgery. While the amount of alterations required will differ for each patient, this is a procedure that is suitable for:

  • Minimally stretched earlobes
  • Earlobes that have been stretched to accommodate large disc earrings
  • Earlobes that have torn all the way through

During the procedure, Dr. Brownrigg will make an incision in the earlobe so that damaged and/or stretched skin and tissue can be removed. The remaining tissue will then be sewn back together to restore a natural and attractive appearance to the earlobe. This is actually a simple procedure that is typically done in under an hour and with the patient numbed with local anesthetic. The earlobes may later be re-pierced but it is recommended that patients wait until the earlobes have completely healed from surgery.

Additional Procedures

The ears may influence a patient’s facial features in many ways. Patients may feel their ears are uneven, poorly shaped, or protrude too far out from the face. Ear surgery can address any of these concerns in order to give patients ears that complement the facial features. Dr. Brownrigg is happy to discuss these procedures in more detail.

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Patients who are unhappy with the appearance of stretched or torn earlobes, and are interested in learning more about ear repair surgery, can schedule an appointment with Dr. Brownrigg at their earliest convenience. Dr. Brownrigg is happy to discuss the many benefits of this procedure.

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