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Ontario neck lift surgeryA great deal of attention is paid to the upkeep of our facial appearance, and in many cases our necks may also benefit from a little care to maintain an overall aesthetic, shapely look. There are many common reasons behind why our necklines lose their natural elasticity, including aging, sun damage, and weight loss. Neck lift candidates seeking a skilled Ontario plastic surgeon will be pleased to find that Dr. Peter Brownrigg offers high-quality cosmetically enhancing procedures including neck lift surgery, facelifts, and Botox®.

About Neck Lift Surgery

Neck lift surgery is a simple procedure that usually takes between two to three hours. General anesthesia is used so that the entire process may be completed while the patient is unconscious to ensure comfort and precision. During neck lift surgery, small incisions are made behind the ears and under the chin, and excess fat and skin are removed from the troublesome areas. After surgery, the incisions will be hidden and nearly undetectable. The procedure is often combined with other facial surgeries.

Candidates for Neck Lift Surgery

An ideal candidate for neck lift surgery is a patient that is in good health and has a positive outlook about the procedure. Because there are numerous reasons for self-consciousness about the appearance of the neck, there are many people who qualify as candidates for neck lift surgery. Some candidates are sensitive about sun or wind damage that has been done over the years, while others are concerned about a double chin or jowls. Other patients have what many call “wattle,” which is merely flaps of excess skin on the neck caused by weight loss or aging.

Benefits of Neck Lift Surgery

The neck lift results in a thinner, natural-looking neck with only carefully placed, unnoticeable scars. The recovery time is under a month, and there are few health risks associated with the treatment. A defined, more youthful neck can help build confidence for the patient. Another notable benefit of neck lift surgery is how well it works in combination with other cosmetic surgeries such as facelifts.

The Risks and Recovery for Neck Lift Surgery

As with all surgeries there is some risk, though in the case of neck lift surgery the risk is minimal. Certain conditions may exclude a patient from the procedure, and after the surgery there may be some temporary side effects such as swelling, bruising and numbness. Within a week or two, the patient will be able to return to work, though strenuous activity is dissuaded for a few weeks as strain may slow the healing process.

Other Cosmetic Facial Procedures

Our Ontario facelift patients often add a neck lift to their treatment plan to invigorate the face as well as the neck. Patients receiving brow lifts, Botox® Cosmetic, or facelifts often find that neck lift surgery and its recovery time fits well with their other treatments, and results in dramatic, attractive results.

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