Lifestyle Changes to Prepare your Body for Facial Plastic Surgery By Nimit D on August 17, 2016

Women on a brisk walkWhether undergoing a facial plastic surgery to minimize the signs of aging or a body contouring procedure to enhance the figure, there are certain habits that can put the body into optimal condition for surgery. Here, Dr. Peter Brownrigg recommends lifestyle changes before facial plastic surgery that will put his Ottawa, ON patients in the best shape, both physically and mentally, to ensure safe and effective surgical results along with a smooth and speedy recovery.

1. Get Moving

Physical activity promotes the overall well being of the body and should be a priority for all individuals. However, exercise can be especially beneficial leading up to surgery. Aerobic activity and strength-training exercises strengthen the heart and tone the body. A body that is in good physical condition is more likely to get through surgery and recovery without any unforeseen complications. Individuals who exercise before surgery are also likely to recover from their procedure more quickly. Those people who already have an exercise routine should keep it up in the weeks before surgery. If exercise is not a part of your lifestyle, consider beginning a modest routine that consists of moderate aerobic activity (such as walking) and light strength-training exercises.

2. Eat the Rainbow

A healthy, balanced diet that is rich in nutrients benefits the body in numerous ways. When it comes to surgery specifically, these nutrients can strengthen the immune system, reduce the risk of infection, increase energy levels, and improve the body’s ability to heal damaged tissues. If it seems like a daunting task to make sure your diet is rich in all the necessary nutrients, just think in terms of color. If your meals contain all the colors of the rainbow, it’s likely that you’re eating a well-balanced and nutrient-rich diet.

3. Say No to Tobacco

Tobacco products are a big no-no in the weeks prior to plastic surgery, as well as during the weeks of recovery that will follow. Cigarettes and other tobacco products inhibit a body’s ability to heal and can make the recovery period longer. To avoid an increased risk of surgical complications, patients should give up smoking at least four weeks prior to a surgical procedure.

4. Monitor Medication

It is important for Dr. Brownrigg to be aware of a patient’s typical medication uses so that any necessary changes can be made before surgery. While many medications are safe to use up to, and including, the day of surgery, there are others that should be avoided. For instance, aspirin should be avoided because it is a blood thinner and could increase a patient’s risk of excessive bleeding and bruising. Dr. Brownrigg will make specific recommendations regarding medication use based on each patient’s medical needs.

5. Relax

It is just as important for the mind to be in a good place before surgery as it is for the body to be physically prepared. Stress can put patients in a bad place emotionally and can even lower a patient’s immune system. While it is normal to feel some anxiety regarding surgery, it is important to deal with these feelings in a healthy way, through exercise, deep breathing, and meditation.

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