JUVEDERM™VOLUMA™: Who Is a Good Candidate? By Nimit D on November 10, 2017

A woman with dark hairFull, supple, and well-contoured cheeks can add a certain allure to the face. You may appear more statuesque thanks to fuller, better-defined cheeks. There's also a youthful quality to having plump cheeks, helping you turn back the clock despite any lines or wrinkles to the contrary. While there are some surgeries that can help with these matters, our Ottawa practice offers JUVEDERM™VOLUMA™, a non-surgical solution to cheeks that have lost volume.

We'd like to take a moment to consider the basics of JUVEDERM™VOLUMA™ and who might be a good candidate for treatment.


JUVEDERM™VOLUMA™ is a type of dermal filler injection that is ideal for enhancing the contours of the cheeks. The specially formulated hyaluronic acid solution is designed to add contour and volume to the cheeks, with results that last much longer than comparable dermal filler options.

Thanks to JUVEDERM™VOLUMA™, patients can experience the advantages of better sculpted cheeks without requiring facial implant surgery or more invasive procedures.

General Candidates for JUVEDERM™VOLUMA™

Good candidates for JUVEDERM™VOLUMA™ are people who experience issues with the contour and appearance of their cheeks. They should be in good health overall and not be allergic to the hyaluronic acid-based solution. While hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that occurs in the human body and the risk of allergic reaction is quite low, we will make sure patients are checked as a precaution.

It's important that patients also understand that the results of JUVEDERM™VOLUMA™ are long-lasting but only temporary. If patients are looking for more permanent results for their cheek contour issues, this can be discussed in more detail as part of the consultation process.

Age Requirements for JUVEDERM™VOLUMA™

JUVEDERM™VOLUMA™ patients need to be at least 21 years old. This ensures proper aesthetic enhancement of the cheeks that's unaffected by natural maturation into adulthood. That said, most JUVEDERM™VOLUMA™ patients tend to be in their late 30s or older. This makes sense given the way that fat in the face disappears over time, causing the cheeks to lose their suppleness and youthfulness.

The Effects of Surgery Without the Downtime or Risks

For many people who would like to have more defined and prominent cheeks, the answer is typically cheek implants. This facial augmentation surgery requires some downtime, and there are risks of infection and other complications.

With JUVEDERM™VOLUMA™, the risks involved are very low. Patients are able to undergo treatment in an office visit that's 30 minutes or less, and are able to return to many of their normal activities without significant interruption. This is what makes JUVEDERM™VOLUMA™ so popular.

How Long Do JUVEDERM™VOLUMA™ Results Last?

JUVEDERM™VOLUMA™ can last up to two years in some patients. That's much longer than other dermal fillers for different parts of the face. Of course, the results can vary from patient to patient.

With that in mind, if patients are happy with the results of JUVEDERM™VOLUMA™, they can undergo additional treatments in order to prolong the results. Consistent JUVEDERM™VOLUMA™ injections can leave patients looking refreshed, vibrant, and many years younger for a long time to come. We can plant recurring treatments at our practice as needed.


For more information about JUVEDERM™VOLUMA™ and your many other options for enhancing your appearance, be sure to contact an experienced facial plastic surgeon today. The team at our practice will help you achieve your aesthetic goals, whatever they may be.

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