How to Reduce Swelling after Facial Plastic Surgery By Nimit D on December 10, 2014

Silver-haired woman smiling after facial plastic surgery, her face looking youthful and free from wrinklesModern facial plastic surgery offers a variety of wonderfully transformative procedures that are extremely safe and reliable, especially when performed by a surgeon with the skill, experience, and advanced training of Dr. Peter Brownrigg. Today’s technologies and techniques, combined with the safety protocols employed by board-certified plastic surgeons such as Dr. Brownrigg, help to ensure that patients are at minimal risk of side effects after plastic surgery, let alone serious complications.

Nevertheless, there are certain side effects that are an inevitable byproduct of facial plastic surgery, no matter how carefully it is performed or by whom. These side effects include swelling. During consultations between Dr. Brownrigg and his patients at his state-of-the-art plastic surgery center in Ottawa, swelling after plastic surgery and other side effects are discussed in detail before patients commit to their procedures. Dr. Brownrigg wants his patients to understand exactly what they can expect before, during, and after surgery so that they can make confident, educated decisions about whether to proceed.

He also wants them to understand that there are ways that they can minimize swelling and other side effects during their recovery periods to make their healing as swift and comfortable as possible.

Why does swelling occur after plastic surgery?

Dr. Brownrigg uses minimally invasive techniques while performing facial plastic surgery procedures such as face lift, but these procedures remain invasive to some degree. The human body cannot distinguish between the incisions made in plastic surgery and cuts that are the result of injury. When the body is injured, cells in the injured area release chemicals that allow proteins, white blood cells, and other chemicals to accumulate and promote healing. This causes the injured area to become swollen.

How can swelling be reduced?

Some swelling is natural and healthy, and should be expected as part of the healing process. However, to prevent excess swelling during the recovery period after facial plastic surgery, patients can:

  • Keep their faces elevated: This is important not only when awake, but also when sleeping. Sleeping in a comfortable chair, such as a recliner, can help to prevent swelling.
  • Apply ice to the swollen area, as instructed: Dr. Brownrigg will provide instructions on how and when ice or cold packs can be applied to the face. It is important that you follow these instructions carefully, as the treatment area will be particularly delicate during the recovery phase.
  • Take all medications exactly as directed: Dr. Brownrigg will either recommend or prescribe pain medications with anti-inflammatory effects. These will help not only to manage your discomfort, but also to reduce swelling.

Remember that how quickly and how well you heal will depend largely on how closely you follow the instructions provided to you by Dr. Brownrigg. This, too, will influence how comfortably you heal and how much swelling you experience. By following your pre- and post-operative instructions carefully, you will help to ensure a positive recovery period and the best possible results from your surgery.

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