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When you think about what lends character to the face, you probably think of the lips and how full or narrow they can be. You maybe consider the definition of the cheekbones or the smoothness or furrows on the forehead. You may think of the way the ears can communicate character, or, obviously, the eyes (those proverbial windows of the soul). The nose can also be a prominent feature of the face, which can call attention to itself or complement the other facial features.

Yet, one facial feature that cannot be overlooked is the chin. A nice jut of chin can add a certain delicacy to your appearance, and a square chin can add lots of definition to your face, like those square-jawed heroes of the pulp stories and old comic books. It’s for this reason that so many people visit Ottawa, Ontario plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Brownrigg in order to undergo chin augmentation surgery. Chin augmentation surgery can make a major difference to your facial features.

We’d like to take a brief moment right now to examine who the best candidates are for chin augmentation and chin implant surgery. You’ll probably find that the best candidates for surgery may describe you.

First of all, the best candidates for any sort of facial plastic surgery are people who are in generally good health and have a positive yet realistic attitude about what the surgery can accomplish. These people are ideally non-smokers (smoking can affect the healing process) and do not have any sort of medical condition that would preclude them from undergoing any sort of surgery.

Many people who undergo chin implant surgery are people who have chins that are not very prominent or could use reshaping. If such people have very sharp chins, for instance, a chin implant can make the shape of the chin less sharp or angular. If the chin is not prominent, the chin implant can build a strong jut or a subtle jut to improve the facial features.

In some cases, patients who have a nose that is too prominent may benefit from chin implant surgery. Adding extra prominence or shape to the chin may help even out the facial features, drawing less attention to the nose and hence creating greater harmony of the face. In these instances, chin implants may be a sensible alternative to Ontario rhinoplasty (nose job).

If a patient is undergoing multiple facial surgeries, chin augmentation may be combined with other facial rejuvenation techniques in order to achieve a comprehensive revision of the face and the facial features. Dr. Brownrigg will be able to determine if this is the right solution for you during the consultation process.

To learn more about chin augmentation and other options for facial plastic surgery and rejuvenation, contact our Ottawa, Ontario cosmetic surgery center today. We look forward to meeting you in person.

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