Benefits of Microdermabrasion before Facelift Surgery By Nimit D on August 10, 2012

Ottawa Microdermabrasion before Facelift SurgeryWe all want to look our best, but as we age our skin can begin to look dull. Without exfoliation, the skin on our face can look irregular or appear to have an uneven texture. Problems like this can make us appear older than we actually are, and no one wants that. At his practice in Ottawa, plastic surgeon Peter Brownrigg offers microdermabrasion to patients wishing to rejuvenate their skin. Microdermabrasion can be used on its own to give skin a fresh look and it may also be suggested before facelift surgery to maximize your results.

What Is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is used to exfoliate the top layer of your skin. This is a safe and sophisticated technology. During microdermabrasion treatment, diamond tips are passed over the skin’s surface to clean away dead skin. A typical treatment will take 45 minutes to an hour. After the dead skin has been exfoliated, your face will be cleansed and moisturizer and sunscreen will be applied. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering microdermabrasion:

  • Treatments are progressive. Five treatments are usually recommended to see maximum results.
  • Maintenance sessions are recommended every four to six weeks.
  • Microdermabrasion is best for superficial skin problems. It cannot treat scars, stretch marks, or wrinkles.
  • Microdermabrasion works on skin of all types and color.


Microdermabrasion is a safe and simple treatment. It is a non-surgical treatment so recovery time after a microdermabrasion treatment is minimal. Immediately following treatment, you may feel a slight tingle. Your skin will feel tighter. For several days you may have a rosy glow on your face but your skin is fully recovered after twenty four hours. The only side effect that you may experience is a slight peeling of your facial skin. This is usually minimal and can be treated with moisturizer.

Microdermabrasion before Facelift Surgery

Microdermabrasion is great to give the skin a fresh and rejuvenated appearance and as a treatment for minor skin problems. However, for wrinkles and sagging skin, Dr. Brownrigg may suggest to his patients in Ottawa facelift surgery. During facelift surgery, the skin is lifted and tightened to address the loss of elasticity and leave you with a more youthful appearance. Dr. Brownrigg suggests that non-surgical treatments, such as microdermabrasion, be completed before facelift surgery. Undergoing microdermabrasion before facelift surgery will maximize your results. to the facelift procedure will tighten the skin, while the microdermabrasion procedure will correct skin that is uneven in tone or texture. If you receive a series of microdermabrasion treatments before facelift surgery, your skin will already be refreshed and looking its best. The fresh skin that is revealed after microdermabrasion treatment, combined with the lift that is a result of the surgery, will leave your skin looking and feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are unhappy with aspects of your appearance or believe that you are looking older than you feel, schedule a consultation with Dr. Brownrigg. Dr. Brownrigg will listen to the goals and desires you have about your appearance and recommend the best possible treatment. Whatever treatment is best for you, you will leave Dr. Brownrigg’s office feeling more confident and attractive.

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