Are You a Candidate for Facial Fat Transfer? By Nimit D on February 12, 2016

A woman with a youthful, smooth looking faceFacial plastic surgery can help rejuvenate the appearance, reducing the look of wrinkles and tightening loose skin. However, if you are interested in rejuvenating your appearance but would prefer not to undergo facial plastic surgery, facial fat transfer treatment may be right for you. Facial fat transfer, also called microlipoinjection, restores volume to the cheeks, chin, and under the eyes. Facial fat transfer candidates can achieve a youthful appearance with microlipoinjection treatment at the Ottawa, ON practice of cosmetic plastic surgeon Peter Brownrigg. 

What Is Facial Fat Transfer?

As we age, it's common to lose volume in the cheeks, chin, and under the eyes, leaving the face looking hollowed and tired. Facial fat transfer, also called microlipoinjection or autologous fat transfer, is a procedure that uses a person's own body fat to add volume to areas of the face and smooth wrinkles, creating a refreshed, youthful appearance.

Microlipoinjection begins with the removal of fat from the patient's own body. Excess fat is removed using liposuction and can be removed from such areas as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, or jowls. The harvested fat is then treated to isolate and clean the fat cells. Once the fat cells are prepared, they can be injected into the desired areas of the face to restore facial contours and restore volume beneath the skin. 

Candidates for Facial Fat Transfer Treatment

Because facial fat transfer uses your own fat, it is safe and does not pose a risk of an allergic reaction, making most people who wish to rejuvenate or improve their appearance candidates for treatment. Candidates for facial fat transfer include those who are in good general health and experience one or more of the following conditions.

  • Facial wrinkles, including frown lines: Facial fat transfer can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and creases, including frown lines. Marionette lines, the wrinkles that run down the sides of the mouth and chin, can also be treated with facial fat transfer.
  • Furrows between the brows: Furrows between the brow, as well as wrinkles within the forehead, can be smoothed with facial fat transfer.
  • Sunken looking areas of the face: Facial fat transfer can helprestore volume to areas of the face, like the cheeks and under the eyes, which often become hollowed by the effects of aging.
  • Acne scarring: The appearance of some facial scarring, specifically acne scars, can be reduced with facial fat transfer.    
  • Thin lips: Facial fat transfer can be used to plump the lips in lip augmentation treatment.
  • Unhappy with facial contours: Facial fat transfer can be used to sculpt the contours of the nose and jaw line, balancing facial proportions.

Find Out More about Your Facial Rejuvenation Options

Facial fat transfer treatment can dramatically improve your facial appearance, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, adding youthful volume to the cheeks, or fullness to the lips. To find out if facial fat transfer treatment is right for your needs, or to discuss other options for rejuvenating your appearance, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brownrigg.

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