An Exercise Timeline after Facial Plastic Surgery By Nimit D on January 13, 2017

A woman stretching before a runAfter undergoing a facial plastic surgery procedure, it's important that patients get ample rest and follow post-op instructions closely. Not following instructions or failing to rest could mean problems with recovery. That's why it's important for patients to follow all instructions closely after their procedure.

One of the most common questions we receive at our Ottawa plastic surgery centre is, "When can I return to my normal exercise routine?" Let's take a moment to consider the importance of rest and then offer a general timeline for returning to normal exercise.

Why Rest Is Important After Facial Plastic Surgery

After you undergo any kind of surgery, getting ample rest is of the utmost importance. Resting after surgery gives your body time to heal, and helps prevent serious complications and adverse side effects. This is why patients are instructed to take time off from work after their procedure, sometimes up to two weeks for certain surgeries.

The Dangers of Strenuous Activity While Recovering

In the case of facial plastic surgery, strenuous physical activities and exercise can seriously impact the final results. Bending over and heavy lifting can increase the pressure in your face. This can lead to problems with sutures, causing incisions sites to reopen or heal improperly. This could me major scarring and other cosmetic problems.

For a procedure such as rhinoplasty, the nose is very delicate after the surgery. Even slight pressure applied to the nose can alter the shape of the nose and negatively impact the desired look.

Walk to Prevent Blood Clots and Complications

While regular and strenuous exercise after surgery is not recommended, patients should walk a little bit each day after their surgery. Walking helps promote circulation, which can prevent dangerous blood clots from forming in the legs as a result of inactivity.

A Timeline for Walking

In general, this is a good timeline to consider for walking after facial plastic surgery, and helps you understand an ideal amount of activity to strive for.

  • First Week After Facial Plastic Surgery - Three 5-minute walks a day
  • Second Week After Facial Plastic Surgery - Three 10-minute walks a day
  • Third Week After Facial Plastic Surgery - Three 15-minute walks a day
  • Fourth Week After Facial Plastic Surgery - Four 15-minute walks per day

You may be able to do some light exercises other than walking by the end of the third week, but this will be up to your surgeon's discretion and the nature of your surgical recovery.

Slowly Return to Exercise Based on Instructions

By the end of the fifth week following surgery, many patients are able to engage in light exercise. Be sure to take things slowly when you're getting back into your old routines. Your surgeon will be able to determine what exercises you're allowed to do at this point.

By the sixth week after facial plastic surgery, you can slightly increase the intensity of your workouts. This could mean jogging a bit faster, adding more reps with light weights, and so forth. As the weeks continue, you'll be able to add greater intensity and length to your workouts until you're back to where you were before the surgery was performed.

Learn More About Facial Plastic Surgery

For more information about recovery from facial plastic surgery and how it can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, be sure to contact our cosmetic plastic surgery centre today. Our team looks forward to your visit and the discussion we will have about your cosmetic options.

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